Five Pawns

Five Pawns

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Bottle Sizes – 60ML

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Castle Long
Flavor Description - This Gourmet Vape Was Created With a Striking Note Of Toasted Coconut e-Liquid Flavoring And Features Roasted Almonds For a Well-Balanced Mellow Taste. Enhanced With Madagascar And French Vanillas, Five Pawns Castle Long e-Liquid Is Laced With Caramelized Brown Sugar And Then Finished With The Subtle Essence Of Kentucky Bourbon For a Truly Unparalleled Experience. Treat Yourself And Give This Best-In-Class e-Liquid a Try.

Flavor Description - Featuring a Creamy Rich Peanut Butter Edge, This Smooth Vape Is Made With Fresh Banana Cream And Then Drizzled With Velvety Caramel Flavor. Five Pawns Grandmaster e-Liquid Is Considered An All-Day Vape By Many Customers And Vaping Enthusiasts Alike. This Five Pawns Vape Transcends Mellow Sweetness!

Flavor Description – Made With Granny Smith Apples For a Mellow Apple Pie Taste, This Premium Vape Features Hints Of Caramel Flavor e-Liquid. Imagine a Flaky Crust Enhanced With a Dollop Of French Vanilla Ice Cream And Unsweetened Whipped Cream, Five Pawns Gambit e-Liquid Will Remind You Of Your Grandmother’s Sweet Apple Pie!

Bowden’S Mate
Flavor Description - This Gourmet Vape Is Made With a Seductive Texture Of Semi-Sweet Chocolate e-Liquid Flavoring For Pleasing The Decadent Palate. Sharpened With Crisp, Fresh Mint To Capture Exhilarating Gradients, Bowden's Mate e-Liquid Is Finished With a Touch Of Creamy French Vanilla. Refreshing For The Vaping Enthusiast – And Perfect For a Dinner Party.

Black Flag Risen
Flavor Description - Featuring a Creamy Cappuccino e-Liquid Flavor, This Five Pawns Vape Is Enhanced With Flue Cured Sweet Virginia Tobacco For a Full-Bodied Taste. Finished With Light Truffle Cream And Mocha-Dusted Black Walnut Flavors, Five Pawns Black Flag Risen e-Liquid Mimics Two Tastes That Go Together Like No Other For a Great Vaping Experience.

Flavor Description - A Gourmet Vape Created With French Vanilla And Bavarian Cream e-Liquid Flavors, The Gentle Taste Of Five Pawns Queenside Is Exquisitely Balanced. Blood Orange, a Unique Flavor, Is Part Of The Complex Taste, As It Is Perfectly Cooked And Sugared. This Five Pawns All Day Vape Will Have You Asking For More.

Symmetry Six
Flavor Description – Featuring Strawberry e-Liquid Flavoring And Perfectly Cooked Sugared Rhubarb, This Vape Flavor Is Enhanced With Savory Cut Oat Grains And Graham Cracker Crumbles. Finished With a Hint Of Velvety Vanilla Cream, Five Pawns Symmetry Six e-Liquid Will Satisfy Fruit And Dessert Lovers Alike.

Castle Long Reserve
Flavor Description - Specially Aged By Artisans, Castle Long Reserve Was Voted “Best Vape Flavor” By Ecigarette Reviewed. Because This Premium Vape Is Aged And Steeped In a Treated Oak Barrel For Three Weeks, It Is Made In Limited Quantity And Available Once a Year. This Original Barrel-Aged e-Liquid Is Perfect For The Vape Connoisseur.

Featuring Toasted Coconut e-Liquid Flavoring, This Premium Vape Features Two Vanilla Flavors, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, And French Vanilla. Enhanced With Roasted Almonds And Brown Sugar For a Nutty And Sweet Taste, Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve e-Liquid Has Subtle Essences Of Kentucky Bourbon And American Oak. Enjoy An Unbridled Experience With This Gourmet e-Liquid.

Elo Tobacco
Flavor Description - Five Pawns Elo Tobacco e-Liquid, Voted “Best Tobacco 2019” By Vapor Authority, Was Inspired By The Unique Tastes Of The Brazilian Tobacco Leaf. Classifying The Taste Of Tobacco Is Really Very Similar To a Sommelier’s Study Of And Knowledge Of Fine Wine. The Brazilian Tobacco Leaf Is Earthy And Aromatic Flavor That Distinguishes It From Other Varieties.

This Best Tobacco e-Liquid Contains Refreshing Notes, Accompanied By Rich, Smooth, Earthy, And Natural Brazilian Tobacco. Known For Its Dark, Smooth, And Rich Composition, This Gourmet e-Liquid Is a Connoisseur’s Choice Tobacco. Five Pawns Elo Tobacco e-Liquid Will Delight You Consistently.

Kingside Burley Tobacco
Flavor Description - Five Pawns Kingside Tobacco e-Liquid Emulates The Taste Of The Burley Tobacco Leaf, Which Contains Almost No Sugar And Offers a Dryer And Lighter Aroma.

This Tobacco Flavored e-Liquid Contains Hints Of Hops And Barley With a Light And Dry Tobacco Taste – With a Little Bite. Known For a Lighter Shade And Cured By Air, Five Pawns Kingside Tobacco e-Liquid Features a Smooth Taste That Only Burley Leaves Can Provide. A Connoisseur’s Choice Tobacco, This Lighter Version Makes It The Best Tobacco Flavored e-Liquid That We Offer Today.

Royal Havana Tobacco
Flavor Description – Five Pawns Royal Tobacco e-Liquid Was Designed To Mimic The Taste Of The Habano Tobacco Leaf - Regarded As The Finest Tobacco In The World. Classifying The Taste Of Tobacco Is Like a Sommelier’s Study Of And Knowledge Of Fine Wine. The Habano Tobacco Leaf Is High In Flavor With a Heavy Body That Will Appeal To Most Vaping Devotees.

With Hints Of Tropical Notes, This Gourmet e-Liquid Is Accompanied By Rich, Spicy, And Dark Tobacco Flavors. Known For a Darker And Spicier Composition, Five Pawns Royal Tobacco e-Liquid Features a Rich Aroma That Only The Habano Leaf Can Provide. A Connoisseur’s Choice Tobacco - Taste The Five Pawns Difference!


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Castle Long, Grandmaster, Gambit, Bowden’s Mate, Black Flag Risen, Queenside, Symmetry Six, Castle Long Reserve, Elo Tobacco, Kingside Burley Tobacco, Royal Havana Tobacco


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